About Us

Twenty years ago, Kathy Marino moved to North Carolina with the plan to retire. She left behind a studio she had operated for ten years, and missed it so much she couldn't help but open a new studio here. Eventually our studio grew, and were were able to offer a variety of dance classes to dancers of all ages.

Some of our students have gone on to open their own studios, become Radio City Rockets, and be accepted into major ballet companies. While we are not a competition focused studio, we feel competitions can be fun and valuable performance experiences. We go to one competition a year and have won high gold and placed fourth out of ten. Regardless of how our students do in competition, or what they go on to do, we enjoy helping dancers grow and become comfortable with their bodies.

Students should enjoy dance as well as learn, and fun is an essential part of every class, especially for the younger students. As a traditional school we offer everything from old school tap to classical ballet. We also offer small graded classes where students can receive individual attention. No matter the class, our friendly, qualified staff will keep you moving and enjoying yourself.